The Dying Heartbeat of Women’s Reproductive Rights

Men in Congress are dismantling women’s reproductive and health care rights through a series of bills, which many women aren’t actively aware of.

Listen to Podcast here:  The Dying Heartbeat of Women’s Reproductive Rights


According to law professor Judith Daar, there are generational gaps between those growing up in the 1950s and the current youth generation. Older generations were more politically involved since they didn’t have any rights at all, while younger generations have rights they started with and are ignorant about what is happening to these rights. For example, out of 60 California State University College students interviewed, only five were knowledgeable on the Hyde amendment, Title 10, Smith bill (H.R. 3), Stupak/Pitts amendment and Affordable Care Act (H.R. 3962). It is the power to decide whether we want to bear children, and the ability to maintain efficient health care needs that is being destroyed. The Affordable Care Act was designed to secure important health care benefits and patient protections for women and families. It has been under attack by politicians who want to take away a woman’s ability to receive suitable healthcare benefits.  The amendment restricts women’s access to abortion coverage in the private health insurance market. The Stupak/Pitts amendment undermines a woman’s ability to purchase private health care plans covering abortions, even when most premium payments are paid for with their own money.


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