A Shining Example


The University of Southern California, more commonly referred to as USC, is quite renowned for their medical treatment. Within USC, they have several schools dedicated to higher learning and medical practices. One school in particular has put forth an effort for the betterment of the community or anyone else whom would require their services. The “Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC” provides dental needs regardless of age and financial situation. A lot find it taxing to go to the dentist but USC offers patient care by highly trained dental students whom are closely supervised by expert faculty dentists. USC also has an array of specialized clinics that cater to everything from pediatric dentistry to braces even dental traumas.

The dental clinic on campus is available to the public. Anyone in need of dental services can be accepted for treatment. In fact, Harbor UCLA Medical Center highly recommends and refers its patients to USC’s dentistry school. Another positive factor that contributes to their dentistry appeal is that potential patients need not make an appointment. Dental issue urgency is recognized similarly to the local emergency room.

There are dozens of dental facilities sprawled around the Los Angeles area; however, the campus clinic claims to charge significantly less for all aspects of their dentistry. In comparison to other dental offices in the general area, USC provides equivalent high-quality service in a state-of-the-art facility at a reduced rate. Their website provides further details on the extent of their services and costs. The facility hours of operation and other concerns can also be found on the website.

Felicia Lewis, A current USC dentistry patient, had this to say:

               “My mother used to go there and her teeth were always beautiful, so when I was referred I jumped at the thought of having great dental care at little cost…. I honestly have nothing negative to say about USC’s medical clinic, Go over to USC and they’ll hook you up.”


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  1. Excelente Universidad, ademas de encontrase en un área donde la influencia latina es importante provee una importante dosis de salud inclusive a los menos favorecidos


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