Homeless Health Care Los Angeles


Photo by Belen Chacon

The Homeless Health Care Los Angeles is located on 2330 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90057 in a two-story building.  The HHCLA seeks to improve the overall health of the homeless directly and educationally.  According to Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority, there are over 51,000 homeless in Los Angeles County.  Their services are free to this population and serve about 60 different people a day.  HHCLA has been serving this area since 1985.

HHCLA uses the Harm Reduction approach when helping people.  Each meeting contains no judgment and is aimed at increasing each person’s motivation for change in a positive way.  It is also here that every individual needs separate treatment and approaches. The HHCLA claims to have pioneered the first AIDS education program for other homeless shelters and the homeless.

Photo by Belen Chacon

Treatments and services offered are basic needs, dental, pharmaceutical, HIV, infectious disease testing and counseling, individual and group psychotherapy, drug treatment, life skills education, health education, and even peer-counseling. Children are no exception and receive full services and childcare to help nurture their development.  One of the most important services offered at HHCLA are the training and education for volunteers aiming to be homeless service providers.  They offer these for almost everything they provide for a modest fee, but free services for homeless.

The HHCLA has collaborated with other members of the community to create a recuperation facility in need of care after hospital discharges. The organization receives a lot of funding through donations and two annual fundraising events.  The Board Members put on a “Plato de Oro Dinner” and a sneak preview for the LA Auto Show. The group is always looking for more volunteers to help in the fundraising events and can be contacted on the website www.HHCLA.org.


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