The Downtown Women’s Center


Photo provided by: the Downtown Women’s Center

The Downtown Women’s Center is a place in  downtown Los Angeles that solely devotes their programs to serving the particular needs of homeless women in low-income area of Skid Row. The center provides a myriad of programs, which include, providing healthy meals, medical assistance, health workshops, as well as health screenings, support groups, 71 units of permanent supportive housing, and other services that the homeless women of Los Angeles lack.

In April 2012, the DWC launched the Breast Health and Cancer Support Programs in order to advance their preventative health services for the 2012-2013 year.  The program consists of monthly mammograms, education and outreach, results services, as well as follow-ups and breast cancer support. DWC aims to serve 750 women during the first year of the program. The center recognizes breast health as an immediate need for the women of Skid Row and its goal is to increase the awareness of mammography services, remove barriers to such services, ensure that women receive mammograms, and if diagnosed with breast cancer, ensure their treatment.

Women living in Skid Row experience a large gap when it comes to access to healthcare. As stated in the DWC website, the center served 4,300 women in 2011, a 72 percent increase from the previous year. The women that came to the center were homeless or were once homeless, were in extreme poverty, had mental and/or chronic illnesses, among other issues. 55 percent of the women slept on the street. 53 percent of the women served were African-American, 22 percent were White/Caucasian, and 12 percent were Latina/Hispanic.

DWC offers individual and group volunteer opportunities, as well as several activities and educational programs for anyone who is interested in putting an end to women homelessness.

You can visit the Downtown Women’s Center at:

442 S. San Pedro St.

Los Angeles, CA 90013

Or Call/Email:

(213) 680-0600


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