College Students Wonder: What Is Obamacare?


With the Supreme Court upholding Obamacare, and President Obama being re-elected, Obamacare is now inevitability. Obamacare is an overhaul of our current healthcare system, which will bring changes such as expanded Medicare coverage, an expanded time period in which young adults can be on their parent’s healthcare coverage, and making it harder for insurance companies to deny people with pre-existing health conditions.

However, there is both a lack of the facts on Obamacare and quite a bit of misinformation as well. A quick Google search of Obamacare will reveal a plethora of websites dedicated to discrediting this attempt at health reform. If one were to go off of what they found on page one of a Google search for the term “Obamacare” they would not come away with an encouraging picture of what it will do.

President Obama Signing The Health Care Bill

President Barack Obama signing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act at the White House. March 23, 2010. Photo: Keith Ellison.

One segment of the American population that will be particularly affected are college students. Many are under 26 and are on their parent’s healthcare. Many college students will also be living with the changes that Obamacare will bring for many years. The individual parts of the new law will go affect incrementally. As a result, the full effect of it will not be felt until 2020.

Despite how much of an effect the law will have on college students, even they are not well informed on what Obamacare entails. This is not even taking into account whether or not students feel positively or negatively about it. It is rather about the lack of general knowledge on what it does.

The full text of what Obamacare includes can be found at This is the actual bill, so the language used can be quite technical. A simplified, but not complete, overview of Obamacare can be found at


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