Young Politician Looking To Improve Small Community

By Ellen Krausse


Jose Gurrola Jr and his former teacher Dr. Jim Young walk precincts in Arvin California on Sunday October 28th to talk to voters about the future of the city’s economy, health, and collaboration.

In the small city of Arvin, California one young college student is looking to close the gap between the government and the voice of the people of the city. Nineteen year old Jose Gurrola Jr., a sophomore Political Science major at Bakersfield College, is running against five other candidates for Arvin City Council. The young kid is an underdog, but that isn’t stoping him from walking the streets of Arvin to talk to each and every voter about his vision to change the health, education, and the economy for the  city of Arvin.

Gurrola is looking for Arvin to grow as a community and build up the city’s economy as well as the education of the people by bringing a satellite college into the city where it is more accessible. With only 22 percent of the population with a high school education or higher Gurrola believes this has a huge impact on the mental and physical health on the community.

Safe parks and recreational facilities are also in his plans to improve the city. With safe parks people will walk more and get exercise. This also helps beautify the city of Arvin.

Even though he was picked to be at the bottom of the pack, Gurrola has a hundred vote lead with some 200 absentee ballots that are still being counted. If he keeps his lead Gurrola will vote on the important issue like where the satellite college will be located. Even after the election Gurrola is keeping in contact with the people of Arvin to make sure their voices are heard over the next four years.


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